About Us

AMMAN GRANITES®, situated in the underdeveloped Dharmapuri district in Tamil Nadu, India, is a family owned and operated business serving the public since 1980, and has grown to be one of the largest manufacturing and exporting monuments company. We specialise in artistic custom designed memorials of highly skilled craftsmanship and offer a variety of services ranging from monument production to cemetery services.

AMMAN GRANITES® began with a vision by Mr. Ramasamy, a man of vision for the success of Amman Granites®. The company started with a 30 containers production capacity, there has been massive expansion of the company increasing their¬†production capacity to about 900 containers every year, manufacturing various types of monuments for different countries like Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherland, Norway, Poland, Serbia, UK, USA, etc

For over two decades, families have trusted AMMAN GRANITES®, to create timeless tributes, custom granite and bronze memorials that are as unique as the people they honour. We take the time to know each customer and listen to your loved one’s life story. Then, we craft a headstone that meets your special needs and transcends the ordinary. That is why our cemetery gravestones and monument have exceeded expectations for over 20 years.

We are proud to say that our firm is considered one the leading designers in the monument industry because of our commitment to professional standards and the culture of ethical conduct within our business. We understand the deep feelings involved in the process of commemorating the life of a loved one. We perform our monument work with incredible care and attention to detail.

AMMAN GRANITES® owns quarries of different colours to meet the needs of different markets. We have quarries in Indian Black, Vizag Blue, Paradiso, Himalayan Blue, White and Red. Besides, we own permanent tie-up with quarries of materials like Galaxy, Green, Aurora, etc.

Apart from monuments, AMMAN GRANITES® has got facility to manufacture turned items like Vases, Balls, Urns and Pillars of all designs they also specialise in carvings on and etching on monuments.

For a company to be successful it must have a high capacity of human resources, professionals, monument experts, geologists, engineers, technicians and skilled workmen. At Amman Granites®, we have a team of 350 skilled professionals who work tirelessly to ensure we stay true to our principle “COMMITMENT FOR EXCELLENCE“. The blend of skilled workers, their commitments and the state of the art technological advancement are the keys to the success of Amman Granites®.

Apart from manufacturing, we have also taken interest in socio economic development of the communities around its establishment, which includes welfare activities like, laying of roads, supply drinking water to rural areas, providing employment opportunities and so on.

Amman granites® continue to grow steadily, with more plans for new ventures, with highly sophisticated machineries and latest technological developments. As the company strives to meet its new challenges, it never forgets the reason for its existence

The goal of the company is to provide a service to aid the individual in selecting a memorial appropriate for their needs. Monuments are a very important part of our culture; they are a reflection of the love we share with our loved ones. We at Amman Granites® believe that each individual is unique and special, and that one’s monument should reflect those qualities. Each memorial is made from the finest granite and is guaranteed to last for centuries. We take special pride in our craftsmanship and can custom design one especially for you.

Why Amman Granites®?

  • Quality Products
  • First class raw material
  • State of the art manufacturing unit
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Quick delivery guaranteed
  • Never compromising on quality and our business philosophy To Commit and Honour